Sunbrella Rain Cushions

We have been making Sunbrella Rain cushions  for over a year now. Sunbrella Rain is an upholstery fabric that is 100% waterproof version of sunbrella’s regular fabrics and was created for outdoor seating areas prone to heavy rains. Sunbrella Rain cushions are designed to minimize drying time, allowing you to use your cushions soon after the rain is over.

Sunbrella Rain fabrics have a similar feel and look as regular Sunbrella upholstery fabrics. The underside of the Rain fabrics have a non-porous coating applied that acts as a barrier, stopping any type of moisture from entering the cushion.

Sunbrella Rain fabrics come in many colors which you can create your custom Sunbrella Rain seat cushions, bench cushions, daybed cushions, and chaise lounge cushions.