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Sunbrella fabric will make your cushions last for years (usually 7-10 years depending on climate conditions). Sunbrella can and will discontinue some of their fabric at any given time. At that point we will contact you if the you ordered a discontinued fabric. If you do not see your fabric of choice in our selection, simply call us and we can help you with your order.

Abbott Juniper
Abbott Prep
Abbott Shadow
Accord II Crimson
Accord Jade
Action Ash
Action Linen
Action Stone
Action Taupe
Adaption Indigo
Adaption Stone
Agra Indigo
Agra Pebble
Array Calypso
Array Caribbean
Array Dawn
Array Dune
Ascend Breeze
Ascend Oasis
Ascend Spa
Ascend Tropical
Ascend Vintage
Astoria Lagoon
Astoria Sunset
Beachcomber Dune
Berenson Tuxedo
Bessemer 1000Ba
Bingham Graphite
Bingham Lagoon
Blend Clay
Blend Coal
Blend Indigo
Blend Lagoon
Blend Linen
Blend Mist
Blend Nomad
Blend Sage
Blend Sand
Bliss Aspen
Bliss Aspen
Bliss Clay
Bliss Guava
Bliss Ink
Bliss Lemon
Bliss Linen
Bliss Onyx
Bliss Pebble
Bliss Sand
Bliss Smoke
Blox Slate
Brannon Redwood
Brannon Whisper
Bravada Limelite
Bravada Salsa
Bubble Mariner
Cabana Classic
Cabana Regatta
Cabaret Blue Haze
Calm Graphite
Calm Laurel
Canvas Abyss
Canvas Air Blue
Canvas Antique Beige
Canvas Aruba
Canvas Bay Brown
Canvas Birds Eye
Canvas Black
Canvas Blush
Canvas Brass
Canvas Brick
Canvas Burgundy
Canvas Buttercup
Canvas Camel
Canvas Canvas
Canvas Capri
Canvas Charcoal
Canvas Chestnut
Canvas Coal
Canvas Cocoa
Canvas Cyan
Canvas Fern
Canvas Flax
Canvas Forest Green
Canvas Ginkgo
Canvas Glacier
Canvas Granite
Canvas Haze
Canvas Heather Beige
Canvas Henna
Canvas Hot Pink
Canvas Jockey Red
Canvas Logo Red
Canvas Macaw
Canvas Melon
Canvas Mineral Blue
Canvas Mushroom
Canvas Natural
Canvas Navy
Canvas Pacific Blue
Canvas Parrot
Canvas Raven Black
Canvas Regatta
Canvas Rust
Canvas Sapphire Blue
Canvas Sky Blue
Canvas Spa
Canvas Sunflower Yellow
Canvas Tangerine
Canvas Taupe
Canvas Teak
Canvas Teal
Canvas Terracotta
Canvas True Blue
Canvas Tuscan
Canvas Vellum
Canvas Wheat
Canvas White
Capra Crimson
Capra II Shadow
Capra Indigo
Capra Lagoon
Carousel Confetti
Carousel Confetti Ver2
Cast Ash
Cast Breeze
Cast Charcoal
Cast Citrus
Cast Coral
Cast Currant
Cast Horizon
Cast Lagoon
Cast Mist
Cast Moss
Cast Oasis
Cast Ocean
Cast Petal
Cast Pumice
Cast Royal
Cast Sable
Cast Sage
Cast Shale
Cast Silver
Cast Slate
Cast Teak
Cast Tinsel
Centered Ink
Centered Onyx
Chartres Barley
Chartres Cloud
Chartres Daybreak
Chartres Fawn
Chartres Flax
Chartres Granite
Chartres Graphite
Chartres Gull
Chartres Hemp
Chartres Lagoon
Chartres Malt
Chartres Mist
Chartres Opal
Chartres Pebble
Chartres Rainfall
Chartres Rose
Chartres Salt
Chartres Silk
Chartres Storm
Chartres Truffle
Chartres Willow
Chartres Wisteria
Comfort Clay
Comfort Pebble
Cove Pebble
Create Guava
Create Haze
Create Laurel
Create Smoke
Crete Cloud
Crete Stone
Cultivate Stone
Davidson Redwood
Decor Mink
Decor Pewter
Decor Sand
Decor Snow
Demo Cloud
Demo Denim
Demo Fog
Demo Graphite
Demo Indigo
Demo Jade
Demo Parchment
Demo Putty
Demo Salt
Demo Sparrow
Demo Stone
Demo Stucco
Demo Wren
Depth Fossil
Depth Indigo
Depth Pumice
Depth Smoke
Dimple Dune
Dimple Mist
Dimple Smoke
Dimple Vapor
Dimple White
Dip Dye Aloe
Dip Dye Chickadee
Divide Reef
Dolce Mango
Dolce Oasis
Dorsett Cherry
Dupione Aloe
Dupione Celeste
Dupione Crimson
Dupione Deep Sea
Dupione Galaxy
Dupione Latte
Dupione Laurel
Dupione Papaya
Dupione Paradise
Dupione Peridot
Dupione Sand
Dupione Walnut
Echo Ash
Echo Dune
Echo Midnight
Echo Sangria
Elegance Marble
Embrace Indigo
Embrace Linen
Embrace Pewter
Empire Dove
Equal Graphite
Equal Ink
Esti Crimson
Esti Indigo
Esti Lagoon
Esti Limestone
Esti Onyx
Ethos Frond
Ethos Safari
Expand Calypso
Expand Citronelle
Expand Dove
Expand Tamale
Extend Breeze
Extent Sunset
Fetch Bone
Fischer Lagoon
Foster Metallic
Foster Surfside
Frequency Ash
Frequency Parchment
Frequency Sand
Fretwork Flax
Fretwork Mist
Fretwork Pewter
Gateway Fuse
Gateway Indigo
Gateway Mist
Gavin Mist
Glimpse Bermuda
Glimpse Blush
Glimpse Cloud
Glimpse Denim
Glimpse Seagull
Harwood Crimson
Houndstooth Ivory
Houndstooth Spark
Houndstooth Wren
Hybrid Sky
Hybrid Smoke
Inca Lime
Inca Mesa
Infused Gem
Infused Twilight
Instinct Dune
Instinct Espresso
Kindle Blush
Kindle Indigo
Kindle Lunar
Kindle Silk
Level Atlantis
Level Pumice
Level Sunset
Lido Indigo
Linen Antique Beige
Linen Canvas
Linen Champagne
Linen Natural
Linen Sesame
Linen Silver
Linen Stone
Linen Straw
Lure Denim
Lure Nautical
Lure Pebble
Luxe Indigo
Marble Quarry
Marble Snow
Maritime Nautical
Mason Forest Green
Maxim Heather Beige
Midori Indigo
Midori Stone
Milano Char
Milano Cobalt
Mina Classic
Mina II Mineral
Namibia Black
Namibia Grey
Navigation Mariner
Nurture Charcoal
Nurture Driftwood
Nurture Laurel
Nurture Pebble
Nurture Shale
Nurture Smoke
Nurture White
Paradigm Stone
Pashmina Alpaca
Pashmina Coal
Pashmina Flannel
Pashmina Fog
Pashmina Indigo
Pashmina Mist
Pashmina Teal
Peyton Granite
Piazza Burlap
Piazza Cloud
Piazza Denim
Piazza Dove
Piazza Dune
Piazza Graphite
Piazza Indigo
Piazza Lagoon
Piazza Linseed
Piazza Mineral
Piazza Mist
Piazza Mushroom
Piazza Parchment
Piazza Pebble
Piazza Ruby
Piazza Stone
Piazza Vapor
Piazza White
Pique Ash
Pique Cloud
Pique Coal
Pique Denim
Pique Dew
Pique Flax
Pique Gravel
Pique Guava
Pique Ivy
Pique Juniper
Pique Midnight
Pique Persimmon
Pique Ruby
Pique Salt
Pique Sand
Pique Shale
Pique Sky
Pique Wren
Posh Aqua
Posh Ash
Posh Charcoal
Posh Coral
Posh Dove
Posh Graphite
Posh Lichen
Posh Lime
Posh Linen
Posh Oat
Posh Parchment
Posh Pebble
Posh Salt
Posh Sapphire
Posh Shamrock
Posh Shitake
Posh Sky
Posh Snow
Precise Buff
Precise Galaxy
Range Dune
Range Smoke
Regency Sand
Reign Jungle
Reign Rattan
Renew Earthen
Renew Mist
Resonate Atlantis
Resonate Citronelle
Resonate Dune
Rialto Ash
Rialto Mist
Rialto Moss
Rochelle Bleu
Rochelle Parchment
Rochelle Pebble
Rochelle Slate
Rochelle Spice
Rochelle Toffee
Rochelle White
Sailcloth Sahara
Sailcloth Sailor
Sailcloth Salt
Sailcloth Seagull
Sailcloth Shadow
Sailcloth Shore
Sailcloth Space
Santara Mist
Savvy Indigo
Savvy Onyx
Savvy Sangria
Scale Cloud
Scale Indigo
Scale Smoke
Scale Taupe
Scope Cape
Scope Foliage
Scope Vintage
Seville Seaside
Shadow Sand
Shadow Snow
Shibori Classic
Shibori Indigo
Shibori Silver
Shore Classic
Shore Linen
Shore Regatta
Solana Seagull
Spectrum Almond
Spectrum Carbon
Spectrum Caribou
Spectrum Cayenne
Spectrum Cherry
Spectrum Cilantro
Spectrum Coffee
Spectrum Daffodil
Spectrum Denim
Spectrum Dove
Spectrum Eggshell
Spectrum Graphite
Spectrum Grenadine
Spectrum Indigo
Spectrum Mist
Spectrum Mushroom
Spectrum Peacock
Spectrum Sand
Spectrum Sesame
Stanton Greystone
Stanton Lagoon
Stem Blush
Stem Sky
Sterling Alpaca
Sterling Cotton
Surround Dusk
Surround Sunrise
Switch Ash
Switch Coal
Switch Denim
Switch Flax
Switch Indigo
Switch Salt
Switch Silver
Switch Snow
Switch Wren
Tailored Cherry
Tailored Cilantro
Tailored Cloud
Tailored Coal
Tailored Fog
Tailored Guava
Tailored Indigo
Tailored Mink
Tailored Opal
Tailored Putty
Tailored Sky
Tailored Smoke
Tailored Snow
Tailored Spa
Tailored Taupe
Tailored Teak
Tailored Wisteria
Tailored Wren
Ticking Dove
Ticking Fog
Token Surfside
Tropics Jungle
Trusted Fog
Viento Mercury
Viento Nautical
Violetta Baltic
Welcome Guava
Zara Sunset

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