Backyard Projects

As the warm summer weather continues, you may be starting a mental list of those backyard projects you’ve been wanting to get to. It is easy to put off exterior home projects when you’re living in Portland or own a home in Philadelphia where the winter weather can be rainy and cold, but once the sun is shining the work that your home needs may become more apparent. Summer is the perfect time to tackle some of those backyard projects or if you want to get them done in record time, hire a team of professionals to help get your home in great condition this summer.


1. Clean your walkways and patios 

After a potentially rainy year, your walkways and driveway may have a lot of dirt and grime buildup. Cleaning your concrete periodically can extend its service life as well as give your home a fresh new look, not to mention boost your curb appeal. Having a clean home exterior is especially important if you’re planning on selling your home this spring or summer.

“You clean your car, your floors, and even yourself, but why not your home? Having your siding and roof cleaned, and washing and sealing your driveway are great ways to enhance the curb appeal of your home while also protecting those surfaces from harmful contaminants and grime.” –Pristine Clean 

If you only have a small area that needs to be pressure washed you can tackle that project in a weekend with the right tools and safety gear. If you have larger areas that need to be cleaned like a long driveway, dirty roof, or your home’s siding, they can be restored by a team of trained professionals who will have your home looking good as new in no time.

“Don’t forget to look at your roof.  Roof Cleaning not only looks great but adds years of life to your property. Homebuyers often think a roof needs to be replaced when it actually only needs to be cleaned. This can lower the offer price and cause houses to sit on the market. Clean your roof and be amazed at the results.” Aqua-Nomics Exterior Cleaning 

2. Touch up exterior paint 

Touching up your home’s exterior paint is a great way to spruce your home up this summer. As the weather is warmer it’s much easier to get outside and touch up nicks and blemishes in your paint. If you don’t know the exact color of your local paint store can help you find the perfect match. If you find this project is becoming too big to tackle don’t hesitate to call in the professionals to help. They can repaint your home or help you with difficult touch-ups, either way, it may save you time and stress.

“Thoroughly pressure washing your house before applying exterior paint not only makes a clean surface for the paint to bond to, it can also reveal hidden damage or loose paint. When problem areas are revealed, you can attend to them before painting.  Your paint job will last longer and create a better seal.” –Need for Build Inc.

“Paint and seal the exterior of your house. Taking the time in the summer months to have your house painted is the best time to ensure proper paint adhesion and protect your investment!  When you paint, it’s critical to do the right amount of prep which includes power washing and sealing with caulk and always using at least 2 coats of paint.  This is imperative to seal your home and protect it to maximize the life of your paint.” –H3 Paint

“Read the label on your paint cans. There is always something to learn or be aware of when using a new product and just reading the label can make or break an entire project.” –Golden Boys Painting 

3. Tidy up your landscaping 

Cleaning up your yard is a great summer project to tackle. When tidying up your landscape you will want to start by removing debris such as branches, sticks, leaves, and pinecones. Removing debris is a great start to a clean yard. From here, there are a few things you can do. You can trim and prune your trees and bushes, repair and cut your lawn, and even replace mulch or bark in your garden beds. You might even want to add a tree or two to increase your curb appeal or give that corner of your yard a little extra character.

“It’s best to water your lawn in the morning before it gets too hot so the water can get into the soil’s roots deeply without too much water evaporation.” –House of Yards

If you have a large yard and an overwhelming amount of landscape work to do, or you just don’t like working in the yard, hiring a landscaper to get the job done may be the best option for you.

“Greenery near windows can be beautiful and help connect us with the outdoors. But overgrown landscaping near the house can not only filter out precious sunshine, but it can also obstruct our view and shorten our visual horizon. So trim those window beauties back a bit and you’ll not only brighten up your interior spaces, you’ll extend your view and bring that beautiful backyard in.” –HouseLift Design

4. Wash your windows 

Summer is the perfect time of year to wash the exterior of your windows. This is a task that usually is only done once a year, so you may need to use a little elbow grease, or some professional help to get your windows squeaky clean.

If you wash your windows more than once a year, you may be able to get away with just using a common household cleaner, but a bucket of soapy water and a sponge will usually deliver the best results. If your windows have not been cleaned for an extended period of time, having professional window washers assist you with this backyard project can save you a lot of time.

“Cleaning your home’s exterior siding, decking, and patio surfaces every 3-5 years, windows and gutters when they become dirty and your roof when visible black, green, and white organic growth is present will help you earn more ROI. Your home is your number one investment. Protect and prolong it by hiring a professional.” –Squeegee Klean

5. Decorate your backyard 

If you have a patio or deck it is time to start getting your space ready to possibly entertain or just enjoy with your family. Creating a space in your backyard to gather and place furniture is a great start. Once you have found your space you can start adding decorations as you please. Water features to attract wildlife, herb gardens, and hanging plants. You could even consider adding an outdoor pool table. Every detail adds more layers and creativity to your yard and makes the space even more enjoyable.

“Bring the indoors out by creating a designated outdoor space. Covid-19 has limited our social lives but being outside is deemed as safer, we suggest defining an outdoor relaxation or entertaining space by using an outdoor rug under your patio furniture. Polypropylene is a popular choice because it is stain-resistant, easy to clean, won’t fade from sunlight, and can handle high moisture and heavy foot traffic making it a strong and durable choice.” –Kimberly Harrison Interiors 

“A water feature is one of my favorite items to add to a yard. Water is one of the most calming attributes you can add to a yard, because who doesn’t love the sound of the ocean or a babbling brook. Today, there are so many DIY’s that can help you to make your own” –Coastal Decor and Interior Design

“Add color! Colorful throw pillows on outdoor dining or lounge chairs provide an instant refresh.  A pretty outdoor rug also adds color and pattern and makes your outdoor space like a cozy living room.” –K+K Interior Design 

“2020 is the Year of the staycation. Upgrade your outdoor space to an at-home oasis with luxurious handcrafted furnishings. Whether relaxing with a book, entertaining close family and friends or lounging by the pool, you are guaranteed to embrace all the feels of a getaway, while enjoying the comforts of home. Turn your furnishings into a treasured heirloom by taking advantage of our complimentary personalization.” –The Best Adirondack Chair Company 

“You can create a unique look by adding fresh new custom made outdoor cushions to your space. Swap out your throw pillows on your outdoor furniture with bold patterns. Do not hesitate to mix and match patterns as it would create a very unique look. Your backyard is meant to be a place of enjoyment, somewhere to escape, entertain, unwind, relax, and have fun.” –Online Replacement Cushions 

6. Clear out your gutters 

As we wrap up spring, debris such as leaves, pine needles, and branches may have built up in your gutters. Clearing your gutters can save your home from future damage to your roof or even your foundation. It is recommended that you clean, or have your gutters cleaned, twice a year. To make this chore a little easier and less messy it is better to wait until the debris is dry to clean them out. A few sunny days should be a sufficient amount of time to wait.

“One of the most neglected household chores is gutter cleaning. Making sure your gutters and downspouts are clear and free-flowing is vital to having peace of mind and enjoying your outdoor spaces. End Gutter Cleaning Forever and have our Micro-Mesh Gutter Guards installed.” –The Gutter Boys

 “If you can reach them safely – we suggest flushing the eaves and downpipes with your garden hose. Often debris can build up in the elbow joints and cause a blockage which could then result in a cascading overflow from the eavestrough. As well, using water to flush the system will show you if any corners or seams are leaking or of any other potential repairs that might be required before becoming a big problem. We also suggest installing a rain barrel wherever possible – this could help save some extra money by using the roof generated water to keep your garden cool this summer” –Tip Top Trough 

7. Renew porches and decks 

Rain, sunshine, wind, and snow can all wreak havoc on the structure and appearance of your home’s porch or deck. After the cold and rainy season is finally behind us it could be the perfect time to repair, stain, or paint your deck or porch. If you are planning on painting or staining, make sure you have a good amount of time with no rainfall so your backyard project will have ample time to dry. Giving your deck a new fresh look may be exactly what your backyard needs to become that backyard oasis you’ve always wanted.

“An easy way to spruce up your backyard and really get it summer ready is to stain your deck. You can choose a solid stain for more color options such as red, or grey, or go for a more traditional look with a semi-solid or transparent stain to highlight the natural wood. The stain will also help protect against the elements such as rain and snow and deter pesky insects from damaging your deck.” –ONiT Painting 

If you find that your deck has structural problems, such as loose boards or sinking in certain spots, it’s recommended that you hire an expert to examine and repair your deck. This will ensure the job is done correctly so you can enjoy your deck for those summer days ahead.

8. Plant new flowers and plants  

Flowers and new plants can act as a great accessory to any yard. After cleaning up your landscape you may have a vision of what you want your garden beds to look like. Whether that be rows of luscious plants, patches of colorful flowers, or even creating a vegetable garden, the ideas are endless. Visit a local nursery to find everything to need and learn about the plants and flowers that would thrive in your yard.

“Want to upgrade your curb appeal? Add raised, bottomless planters. The modern lines of these modular planter beds quickly pull the yard together creating an artful yet tidy appearance. Conveniently place them in any arrangement desired, working around existing elements such as trees or shrubs. The lack of a bottom on this planter allows your plants to root directly into the ground which means a lush, abundant garden.” –Yard Couture

9. Add a Firepit 

Adding a DIY fire pit to your backyard is an excellent way to keep the fun going long after dark. Instead of an unsightly dirt fire pit, spend a day making a new statement piece for your yard, or consider buying one to save time. Adding or creating a firepit can be exactly what your yard needs.

“Your outdoor living space deserves to be as warm and inviting as the family and friends you are entertaining. Provide extra warmth and art by adding Steel Fire Studio logs on top of your fire pit or table. Bring the warmth of a Colorado resort to your backyard with one of a kind, handmade, steel Art on Fire.” –Steel Fire Studio

“Design the entire backyard experience around this captivating, elegant focal point. Solo Stove fire pits produce little to no smoke and so easy to light you can have a beautiful, roaring fire in minutes. Satisfy late night s’mores cravings and make special summer memories around everyone’s new favorite gathering spot.” –Solo Stove

“Fire adds instant ambiance to any landscape design and there are many ways to bring fire into your outdoor space. Once you choose your location, plumbing in a natural gas or propane line is the best and most integrated method of fuelling your fire. You can run a gas line under hardscape, wood, or synthetic decking. If you can’t pipe in gas you can run an outdoor fire off of a small propane tank that you can conceal in a side table or bench. And even if propane or natural is not an option, you can use a clean-burning bioethanol burner that doesn’t require an external fuel source—just fill and fire.” –Paloform 

“When planning your backyard for a firepit take into consideration the height of your furniture with the firepit. DreamCast designs its firepits at 15″ for an outdoor coffee table height. Outdoor furniture is much lower than indoor sets, and if the fire pit is too high then not only does it take away from the modern aesthetic, but it also reduces the warmth you experience. As a general rule the lower your firepit the more warmth you’ll get.” –DreamCas

“Gathering around a roaring fire has been a family pastime for centuries.  We no longer gather around a few logs strewn on the ground, families gather in their own beautiful setting circled around a fire feature, in many cases a handcrafted fire pit created and designed by Artist, Rick Wittrig of Fire Pit Art.  Our artistic, handcrafted, made-to-order fire pits create an artistic focal point with a fire or without updating your outdoor living space with a warm artistic flair. –Fire Pit Art

The most important thing to remember when preparing your home this summer is diligence. Keeping up on your home maintenance is very important. If you see a problem with your home, don’t wait until the last minute. Find some time to fix it yourself, or call a professional and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. There is no time like the present to start your backyard projects.

Outdoor Cushions

sunbrella replacement cushions

Say Goodbye to Poorly-Fitted & Moldy Patio Cushions

From shoes to clothes to outdoor cushions, there’s nothing worse than a bad fit.
If your patio furniture is unique or customized, it can be hard to find cushions to fit the design. By choosing custom cushions, you can be sure that the fit will always be perfect, no matter what shape or size you need.

Maybe your patio chairs have tapered edges or you opted for a curved outdoor sofa. Whatever their design, custom cushions will fit your furniture as if they were the original cushions.
Outdoor cushions need covers that fit these cushions perfectly. Covers that are too big for your outdoor seat cushions tend to sag and look sloppy.

Trying to squeeze your cushions into covers too small for them is always a bad idea. Not only do they look unsightly, the cushions get bent out of shape and aren’t very comfortable to sit on. Plus, forcing cushions into small covers might even cause the cover to split, resulting in even more expense.

Our cushion covers easily slip over your existing cushions, and, as they’re stretchy and come with an adjustable elastic cord on the back, they create a form-fitting cover for each cushion.

Best of all, our customized covers are designed to fit the measurements of your cushions, no matter what custom size or shape they are. So you can be sure of a perfect fit every time.

Give Your Patio a New Look that Lasts

Custom cushions are perfect for personalizing your patio. As they are designed to fit your furniture, they provide a super stylish look as well as more comfortable seating.

If your custom cushions have seen better days, it’s great to spruce up your patio with new covers for an updated look. That said, you don’t want to have to replace your cushion covers every year. Especially if it was difficult to find the right size for your custom cushions in the first place.

This is why fade and mildew-resistant couch cushion covers are the best choice for your custom cushions. Our durable Cushions are designed to withstand the changing weather conditions of your hometown. No matter where you live, your cushion will last for years to come.

Since our custom cushions can fit in any shape or size, there will be no need to replace your furniture.

Not only does this save you money, it’s also much better for the environment. Synthetic cushions often end up in landfills and take hundreds of years to decompose. So, giving your patio furniture a new look with custom cushions and covers that last is the best solution for you, and the planet!

Custom Cushions for Custom Outdoor Seating

These days, people are becoming more adventurous with their gardens and patios. Just as they want their home decor to reflect their personality, they want more for their outdoor space than the standard, basic designs of the past.

This desire for a personalized look has made unique swimming pool designs, original landscaping features, and custom seating more popular.

Of course, custom outdoor seating needs outdoor furniture cushions and covers that are tailor-made for the shape and design of the seating. Knowing that it’s possible to get custom covers means that when it comes to customizing your outdoor space, the only limit is your imagination! We offer hundreds of outdoor Sunbrella fabrics to choose from.

A Perfect Match

Updating your patio with some new furniture is a great way to give your outdoor space a new look. Although you might already have a sofa or some chairs outside, some new additions will help you take your patio to the next level. Since staying in is the new going out, you’ll need the extra seating for summer house parties and gatherings.

It’s important to create a harmonized effect between the existing furniture and your new additions. After all, you wouldn’t buy new furniture for your living room that didn’t match the rest of your decor.

Custom outdoor seat cushions help to bring coordination to your outdoor seating area. This way you can be sure that all your cushions fit your furniture perfectly, allowing you to relax in comfort and style.

What’s more, knowing that you can find matching cushion covers that are customized to fit all your custom cushions makes everything much easier.

And since our cushion covers are easy to put on and economical, you can change designs with the seasons. Or, you could even show your patriotism at a Fourth of July house party with a set of stars and stripes covers. Whatever size your cushions and whichever designs you choose, a perfect match is always guaranteed.

Keep Your Patio Fresh with Custom Outdoor Cushions

If you have big plans for your outdoor space, custom outdoor cushions will keep your patio looking fresh and original.

With our wide range of couch cushion covers, you can be sure to find the perfect size and design every time.

For more information, or to request specialty covers for your custom outdoor seat cushions, contact us today!

Sunbrella Replacement Cushions

Best online custom Sunbrella Replacement Cushions available.  Choose from 100’s of Sunbrella fabrics and rest assure that all items used to make your cushions are USA made products.

One of our primary goals at Online Replacement Cushions (ORC) is designing and manufacturing products that support future generations by attaining sustainability through the preservation of natural resources. We strive to only make products that use materials and processes that have a minimal negative impact on the environment, working to conserve as much energy and natural resources as possible.  All of our inner foams and fiber fills are manufactured in the USA which are regulated by governement agencies to ensure no harmeful chemical and products are used.

If you are looking for top of the line Sunbrella Replacement Cushions, ORC Cushions is your destination. We offer outdoor furniture cushions manufactured right here in the USA, bringing you the quality and comfort you deserve. Locations in Ontario & Fontana, California, we also offer custom covers for anything from umbrellas to boats, providing our customers with affordable, luxurious, and unique products.

Our main goal is providing our customers with top of the line service, giving them dependable service they can count on. If you are interested in learning more about our amazing product line and services, contact us via telephone or go to to get a free no obligation instant quote.

Sunbrella fabrics are manufactured in facilities around the globe. Main manufacturing location is a one million square foot facility in South Carolina, USA. This Anderson, South Carolina plant features a completely vertical ISO 9001 and 14001 certified manufacturing operation, R&D center and testing lab. This facility established the blueprint for our plants in Lille, France and Suzhou, China, manufacturing locations that enable us to best serve our customers in those regions. Sunbrella is always manufactured to the same standards and is delivered when you need it, anywhere in the world. We only utilize Sunbrella brand for all of our Sunbrella Replacement Cushions.

Sunbrella is famous for being stain resistant but that does not mean you should clean it with just anything. Sunbrella Replacement Cushions should be cleaned properly in order for them to last and lose theior shape or get damaged. You can follow these simple steps depending on what type of stain you have on your cushions/fabric:

Sunbrella Cushion fabric is treated with a water and stain repellant when it’s manufactured. Cleaning the fabric may remove this repellant, so a re-treatment of fabric guard is recommended after you clean Sunbrella with any soapy solution.

It is not recommended that you unzip the covers on your cushions and remove the Sunbrella fabric from the inner foam. It is very difficult to get the foam back inside with the corners tightly in place and without creasing or ripping the Dacron that may be wrapped around your foam. Always clean your cushions with the Sunbrella fabric in place.

Enjoy your outdoor setting with Sunbrella replacement cushions, custom made to perfection from  Search through an assortment of Sunbrella fabric, featuring an abundance of solid colors, stripes, prints and some florals.  Navigate through our website and discover your creativity.  Regardless of whether you’re hoping to redesign your dining area, conversation sets, spa room or chaise lounge by the pool, Online Replacement Cushions can custom craft your replacement cushions in a variety of shapes and sizes with your choice of Sunbrella fabric to suit your personality and style.

Sunbrella is a high performance outdoor and indoor fabric, made from 100% dyed based acrylic that can withstand the ever changing weather.  From rain to sunshine, Sunbrella is the superior choice for your outdoor replacement cushions and to include; Sunbrella offers a 5-year warranty from fading.  This durable fabric is the choice fabric for outdoors but is soft and lovely for indoors as well.

With your best interests in mind

We thought you would appreciate a visual!  Our website can promptly demonstrate what your fabric choice will look like on a cushion.  Simply click your Sunbrella fabric and an image of your item with your fabric choice will show in the “Your Product” box.  Navigate through our website, choose your style and shape, customize the size and choose your sew pattern.  Add piping for that decorative look (contrasting piping available).

Whether you’re a first time customer or a returning customer and have a need for 1 cushion or 100 cushions, you will be treated with the same supportiveness and patience each time you contact Online Replacement Cushions.  We value each customer and want all to feel at ease and never rushed when making a purchase.  We insist on the details and we are here to listen because not all cushions are simply square shaped.  Attention to detail is essentially critical when an order consist of curves, rounded corners or has notches (t-shape) and cut outs.  We are always happy to assist you and provide multiple avenues of communication for you to reach out to us.  Give us a call, live chat with us or send an email to  Our business hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. pacific standard time.  If you should try to contact us during our closing time, you may leave a voice mail, send an email or an offline chat message and we will return your call as soon as time permits. Each telephone call, email or offline chat message is important to us.

We will exceed your expectations in quality.  We make every effort to go above and beyond to make your custom replacement cushions just as good as the originals or better.  As Philip Kotler said, “The best advertising is done by satisfied customers” and we are confident you will be a satisfied customer and share a great testimonial with your friends and family.

Efficient manufacturer direct ordering is now a possibility due to the internet and we are ensuring our quality is superior and our prices competitive.  Shopping made easy in the comfort of your home without the dread of paying excessively for poor quality cushions.  We remain quality focused, standing by our product and providing excellent customer service because our customers are our priority and we want to accommodate your needs and wants with the best quality.

Our custom cushions are all handmade in the USA. That may not make any difference to a few, yet it is a critical piece of our quality control. Many organizations have failed to maintain their quality standards as they pursued overseas operations.  We custom craft every cushion with USA made materials and we are ready to take your custom requests.  Online Replacement Cushions makes custom requesting a practical probability for the individuals who require custom cushions.

Our website is secure and encrypted, gives us a call if you have any questions we may satisfy before placing an order.  Our undivided attention is given to each individual without a time limit.  If you have a question regarding the thread, fills, or what is the most economical Sunbrella fabric, we are here to help with your questions.

At, you have the ability to customize your outdoor replacement cushions with your own measurements.  We also work directly with Sunbrella fabric manufacturing company which allows us to offer a wider fabric selection.  Revive your outdoor space with new cushions or throw pillows.

Deep seating cushions

Enjoy your outdoor space with deep seating cushions.  Deep seating usually takes a thick cushion ranging between 4 to 7 inches, allowing you and your guests to comfortably lounge from day to night.  Kick your feet up after a long hard day and in addition to your deep seating sofa or chair, adding a deep seating ottoman cushion will enhance your repose.  Or your ottoman can be used as an additional seat if you are entertaining guests.

Are your current cushions looking run down or did your outdoor furniture come with mediocre cushions?  There may be many reasons why you don’t want purchase a whole new furniture set, perhaps your outdoor furniture is still in great shape or you have a piece you don’t want to part with.  You still have the option of replacing your outdoor cushions.  Replace your cushions with a new fabric color or a thicker cushion if your furniture frames can accommodate the extra thickness.  The best thing about custom made cushions is that you can do it your way.  Add a couple of throw pillows, lumbar or bolster pillow for a decorative look or additional comfort.

If you are in search of replacing your outdoor cushions and your local store just don’t have the right size or fabric, then grab your measuring tape, it’s time to customize your cushions with You can measure the existing cushions or your furniture.  Keep in mind when measuring the thickness there is a loft or crown to consider.  The Loft/Crown is a term used to describe the increased thickness due to the batting.  All our foam cushions come with batting.  Batting is done with a dacron wrap to give that cushy feel, because you wouldn’t want to just sit on a piece of foam.  Dacron is also used for the finishing look, it rounds out the edges and fills the fabric cover for a more even and rounded appearance. Our website provides instructions on how to measure both the cushions and the furniture.  If you’re still not certain about measuring, give us a call or send us an email, we are here to help.

Once you have all the dimensions, you’re ready to begin the process of ordering your Sunbrella replacement cushions.  There are 9 simple steps to complete.  Step #1 choose your Item/style (Chair, Sofa, or ottoman..etc.), Step #2 the shape, step #3 the size (your measurements needed).  Step #4, select your sew pattern and optional piping, contrasting piping is available.  Step #5, choose your fill type, most customers will choose the high density foam for the seats and fiber for the back cushions to maximize the comfort.  Reticulated foam (fast dry) is an upgrade from the High density foam.  The reticulated foam is only recommended if your cushions will be in an area where it will be exposed to a lot of rain, plus this type of foam will not retain water.  High Density foam will retain water but because all the cushions come with zippers, you will be able to unzip the cushion, tip it and let the water drain.  Our High Density foam is a bit more firm than the reticulated (fast dry) but not much of a difference if you sat on both side by side.  Overall both foams are made for outdoor use.  Step #5 also gives you an option for Covers Only.  Step #6, Thread: two types to choose from, standard USA thread or Gore UV.  Gore UV is an upgrade from the Standard thread and is recommended if your cushions will be in constant direct sunlight. It’s known that the sun will disintegrate just about anything if kept out for long periods of time.  When cheap thread is used, the cushions will start to come apart at the seams due to over exposure to the sun.  But Gore UV thread will outlast the fabric.  The Standard USA thread is still a good thread and it usually last for years in less severe sunny areas or if your cushions will be protected under a porch or cushion cover.  Step #7 ties, you can choose your tie placement, ties are optional and can be added at no extra cost.  Our tie system is different, because the ties are not permanently sewn in.  Our custom made Sunbrella cushions are made with a removable tie system that would allow you to flip the cushion in order to utilize both sides.  Step #8 Sunbrella Fabric, all fabric is Sunbrella and there are many fabric choices available, from solids and stripes to specialty patterns and textures.   Within Sunbrella fabric there are different series/ grades of fabric, but with Sunbrella fabric you get the same quality and durability no matter what series you choose.  Make Sunbrella fabric your choice!

Get a head start and order your Sunbrella replacement cushions early for summer time.  Or order during our off season to avoid the pipeline congestion.  Our peak season starts in March and gets extremely busy during the months of April and May.   Our production time during our peak season is 30 business days, but may be a bit longer during our busiest time.

Have fun mixing and matching with coordinating colors and patterns.  Or create that resort-like environment that you’ll always want to get away to and you’ll only have to go as far as your backyard, or enjoy that cool mountain breeze as you lounge on your porch with a warm cup of coffee and your new Sunbrella cushions.  Whether you’re lounging in solitude or entertaining guests, you will be at ease because you have the assurance the quality has exceeded your expectations from the inside out.

If you don’t see your item selection on our website, or if there is something that you may want to add to your cushions, please contact us.  We can make back cushions only, double chaise cushions, benches that are wider that 52” and round cushions.  We can walk you through our website or take your order by phone.  For a unique-shaped cushion, you can send in your existing cushion, the cover or make a paper template.  If you don’t know the color of your Sunbrella fabric and you want to be sure it is a match, send us a clear and up close picture via email at and we can try to identify the fabric and also send you a swatch to confirm it is the right one.  We offer up to 5 complimentary swatches, so if one or two fabric colors might look like the one you have, no worries we will be able to send you both.

Sunbrella Fabric Swatches

We offer up to 5 complimentary swatches.  Just contact us with your name and shipping address, and list the name of the swatches, we are always happy to assist you.  Shipping will take 3 – 6 business days till you receive your swatches.


Your design our craftsmanship

Sunbrella Replacement Cushions, high quality custom cushions made for your outdoor enjoyment.  Create your own regal look with Sunbrella fabric for any brand of outdoor furniture.  From upscale furniture such as Brown Jordan or OW Lee to your own custom made masterpiece, begin the process of making your vision a reality with a simple click to

Our custom cushions are built to last and with good upkeep and proper care your custom replacement cushions will last for years.  Scroll down to Fabric Care located at the base of our website and there is a whole page with different approaches on how to clean your Sunbrella fabric.  Making the decision to purchase outdoor replacement cushions is an investment, so your cushions should be properly cared for in order to continue to have vibrant and great looking cushions from season to season.




OW Lee Replacement Cushions




OW Lee Artisan Replacement Cushions – OW Lee Avalon Replacement Cushions – OW Lee Chateau Replacement Cushions – OW Lee Classico Replacement Cushions – OW Lee Del Coronado Replacement Cushions – OW Lee Orleans Replacement Cushions – OW Lee Old World Replacement Cushions – OW Lee Palisades Replacement Cushions – OW Lee Madison Replacement Cushions – OW Lee Monterra Replacement Cushions – OW Lee Montrachet Replacement Cushions – OW Lee Rancho Vintage Replacement Cushions -OW Lee Gios Replacement Cushions – OW Lee Luna Replacement Cushions – OW Lee Aris Replacement Cushions – OW Lee Ashbury Replacement Cushions – OW Lee Bellini Replacement Cushions – OW Lee Diamante Replacement Cushions – OW Lee Makai Replacement Cushions – OW Lee Orleans Replacement Cushions – OW Lee Pacifica Replacement Cushions – OW Lee Vista Replacement Cushions


We are an independent manufacturer of OW LEE Replacement cushions.  USA based company that utilize Sunbrella fabrics exclusively for all of outdoor cushions. Our focus is to make replacement cushions to last for years with proper care.  Most furniture manufacturers order their cushions from overseas to cut costs and in the same sense deliver poor quality products.

Brown Jordan Replacement Cushions


Brown Jordan replacement Cushions. Brown Jordan Aegean, Brown Jordan Calcutta, Brown Jordan Camden Square, Brown Jordan Campaign Grande, Brown Jordan Canyon Daylily, Brown Jordan Eastlake, Brown Jordan Florentine, Brown Jordan Fusion, Brown Jordan Havana, Brown Jordan Mission Teak, Brown Jordan Parkway, Brown Jordan Roma & Brown Jordan Venetian

We are an independent manufacturer of Brown Jordan Replacement cushions.  US company that utilize Sunbrella fabrics exclusively for all of outdoor cushions. Our focus is to make replacement cushions to last for years with proper care.  Most furniture manufacturers order their cushions from overseas to cut costs and in the same sense deliver poor quality products.

If you need to get a quote for your Brown Jordan cushions, kindly email us at and include the information below and we’ll get back to you with a quote within 3-5 hours including weekends.  You may also give us a call at 909-441-0889

  • Collection Name (exp. Havana)

  • Collection  Item(s) (exp. Lounge Chair or Love Seat)

  • Choice of Sunbrella Fabric(s)

OW Lee Replacement Cushions


We’ve been making outdoor replacement cushions for over 25+ years. We have most if not all of OW LEE replacement cushions templates on hand and most of our clients have told us that our cushions are much better quality than their original cushions. We make our cushions much more practical than the original OEM cushions which means they will last much longer.

Simply email or call us with your OW Lee collection name, collections items and your choice of Sunbrella fabric and we’ll get right back to you with a quote. Unlike many companies out there, we reply within 3-4 hours and at times quicker with a quote. | 909.441.0889

Darlee Replacement Cushions

We make replacement cushions to fit all darlee furniture. Our darlee replacement cushions are custom made to order. Choose from over 450+ Sunbrella fabrics to customize your cushions.

Simply send us a request with your collection name and items needed in that collection and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

We are an independent cushions manufacurer and are not affiliated with Darlee. Our cushions are made to fit this particular brand and are not darlee brand cushions. Our cushions are made with 100% USA made products and are built to last.

Custom Outdoor Cushions

Looking for a Custom Outdoor Cushions that will last? Well look no more as our cushions are built to last for 7-10 years*.

We put a lot of pride into our cushions to make sure that the best of every material is used. We only use USA made foams and filber fills vs. cheap imported ones. Our cushions are made with top notch threads so your seams won’t fall apart.

Try our online cushions builder to get a no-obligation quote.

Gensun Replacement Cushions

We are a premier manufacturer for all Gensun Replacment Cushions.

Our cushions are made with 100% quality in mind.  You can always buy your pre-made cushions at your local home stores and you will get exactly what you pay for.  Our cushions are made to last with quality USA made foams and fibers and most importantly with USA quality threads which is very crucial when producing outdoor cushions.