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Sunbrella Chaise Lounge Cushion Styles

Got questions before ordering! Give us a call! (909) 441-0889 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm PST
Every effort is made for order form to be as accurate as possible. If your measurments do not coincide/match with the type of chaise cushion you have selected, you will be contacted before we process your order.

Be sure to CLICK each option that you desire to ensure order accuracy

Please start by making a selection below

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Design
  • Fill
  • Piping
  • Thread
  • Fabric

Cushion Shape Choose the shape of your cushion.


  • Seat Cushion

    Rd. Corners (3" radius)
    Curved Back

    Back Cushion

    Rd. Corners (3" radius)
    Curved Back

    Cushion Dimensions When doing measurements, indicate the widest and deepest part of tapered or curved cushions. We will isolate and confirm precise curve, taper and notch in follow up emails. Note that all HINGED cushions will have the same width for SEATS & BACKS.

    Bottom Cushion

    Back Cushion

    Sew Pattern All CURVED cushions will be made in BOX Sew Pattern only.

    Bull Nose

    -Reticulated foam has holes (honey combs) for fast dry, it is not necessarily more comfortable but durable and has limitations.
    -Practically all high end manufacturers use foam for all seat cushions.
    -Back cushions are frequently done in Fiber Fill to maximize comfort.

    Fiber Fill
    High Density Foam
    Fast Dry Foam

    Sew Pattern Bullnose is the sew pattern of choice because it involves one continuous piece of fabric (no front seams or piping at stress point). Box is squared off (pieced together). Some say this is the most elegant sew pattern with piping, yet it's also the weakest. Classic has a single seam around the cushion which can appear boxed depending on shape of fill material. (Classic is the traditional “Brown Jordan” sew pattern.

    Bull Nose
    Two Piece

    Optional Piping(Click YES to view Piping options). Piping is primarily decorative. Piping tends to reinforce seams but double piping across the front of a seat cushion can break down prematurely due to friction. We believe Bullnose with side piping is the strongest option.

    Applied to both

    Piping Style

    Box Double Piping
    Single Piping
    Bullnose Piping

    ThreadSeams should last as long as the Sunbrella fabric itself. Using cheap imported thread defeats the purpose but is frequently used by other online cushion manufacturers. We use Gore UV on all our high end cushions such as OW LEE, Brown Jordan, etc.) and it's offered as an upgrade to all other cushion types. Gore UV carries a lifetime warranty and should outlast the fabric itself. In blazing sun, Gore UV is highly recommended. In less severe sunny areas our standard USA grade thread usually lasts for years.

    FabricsSurprised to see the fabric as your last option? Sunbrella fabric will make your cushions last for years (usually 7-20 years depending on climate conditions). However the grade of Sunbrella makes little or no difference vs. durability. Some A grade Sunbrella fabrics are more water resistant than high end grades. We initially show basic and most popular Sunbrella (which we use exclusively). If you like to see more fabric choices, you can navigate to our fabrics page to see your choices. You can then type in your desired fabric name in the comment/fabrics area in the checkout page. Please note upgraded material will be added to your total cost.

    Fabric Direction

    Left to Right
    Up and Down

    Fabric Choice

    Abbott Char
    Abbott Juniper
    Abbott Prep
    Abbott Rust
    Abbott Shadow
    Accord II Crimson
    Accord Jade
    Accord Koi
    Action Ash
    Action Denim
    Action Linen
    Action Stone
    Action Taupe
    Agra Classic
    Agra Indigo
    Agra Pebble
    Astoria Lagoon
    Astoria Sunset
    Aura Honey
    Beachcomber Dune
    Berenson Tuxedo
    Bessemer 1000Ba
    Bevel Smoke
    Bingham Graphite
    Bingham Lagoon
    Blox Slate
    Boss Tweet II Denim
    Boss Tweete II Celadon
    Boss Tweete II Char
    Boss Tweete II Chili
    Boss Tweete II Indigo
    Boss Tweete II Mink
    Boss Tweete II Pebble
    Boss Tweete II Salt
    Boss Tweete II Stone
    Boss Tweete II Storm
    Boss Tweete II Wren
    Brannon Redwood
    Brannon Whisper
    Bravada Limelite
    Bravada Salsa
    Cabana Citron
    Cabana Classic
    Cabana Emerald
    Cabana Flame
    Cabana Regatta
    Cabaret Blue Haze
    Canvas Air Blue
    Canvas Air Blue
    Canvas Antique Beige
    Canvas Aruba
    Canvas Bay Brown
    Canvas Birds Eye
    Canvas Black
    Canvas Blush
    Canvas Brass
    Canvas Brick
    Canvas Burgundy
    Canvas Buttercup
    Canvas Camel
    Canvas Canvas
    Canvas Capri
    Canvas Charcoal
    Canvas Chestnut
    Canvas Coal
    Canvas Cocoa
    Canvas Cork
    Canvas Dusk
    Canvas Fern
    Canvas Flax
    Canvas Forest Green
    Canvas Ginkgo
    Canvas Glacier
    Canvas Granite
    Canvas Granite
    Canvas Heather Beige
    Canvas Henna
    Canvas Hot Pink
    Canvas Iris
    Canvas Jockey Red
    Canvas Logo Red
    Canvas Macaw
    Canvas Maize
    Canvas Melon
    Canvas Mineral Blue
    Canvas Natural
    Canvas Navy
    Canvas Pacific Blue
    Canvas Palm
    Canvas Parrot
    Canvas Raven Black
    Canvas Raven Black
    Canvas Regatta
    Canvas Rust
    Canvas Sapphire Blue
    Canvas Sky Blue
    Canvas Spa
    Canvas Sunflower Yellow
    Canvas Sunflower Yellow
    Canvas Tangerine
    Canvas Taupe
    Canvas Teak
    Canvas Teal
    Canvas Teal
    Canvas Terracotta
    Canvas True Blue
    Canvas Tuscan
    Canvas Vellum
    Canvas Walnut
    Canvas Wheat
    Canvas White
    Canvas White
    Carousel Confetti
    Carousel Limelite
    Cast Ash
    Cast Lagoon
    Cast Mist
    Cast Oasis
    Cast Petal
    Cast Shale
    Cast Silver
    Cast Slate
    Cast Tinsel
    Chapman Char
    Chapman Juniper
    Chapman Prep
    Chapman Rust
    Chapman Shadow
    Chartres Barley
    Chartres Flax
    Chartres Hemp
    Chartres Mist
    Chartres Pebble
    Chartres Willow
    Chartres Wisteria
    Connect Cosmic
    Connect Dune
    Connect Fushion
    Connect Twilight
    Cove Cameo
    Cove Pebble
    Crazy Quilt Seaglass
    Davidson Redwood
    Decade Pewter
    Decade Sand
    Demo Cloud
    Demo Denim
    Demo Fog
    Demo Graphite
    Demo Indigo
    Demo Jade
    Demo Parchment
    Demo Putty
    Demo Salt
    Demo Sparrow
    Demo Stone
    Demo Stucco
    Demo Wren
    Dimone Sequoia
    Dip Dye Aloe
    Dip Dye Chickadee
    Dolce Mango
    Dolce Oasis
    Dorsett Cherry
    Dupione Aloe
    Dupione Bamboo
    Dupione Caramel
    Dupione Celeste
    Dupione Cornsilk
    Dupione Crimson
    Dupione Deep Sea
    Dupione Dove
    Dupione Galaxy
    Dupione Henna
    Dupione Latte
    Dupione Laurel
    Dupione Nectarine
    Dupione Oak
    Dupione Palm
    Dupione Papaya
    Dupione Paradise
    Dupione Pearl
    Dupione Peridot
    Dupione Sand
    Dupione Stone
    Dupione Walnut
    Echo Ash
    Echo Citron
    Echo Citron
    Echo Dune
    Echo Limelite
    Echo Limelite
    Echo Midnight
    Echo Sangria
    Echo Sangria
    Echo Teak
    Elegance Marble
    Empire Dove
    Escapade Electro
    Escapade Fusion
    Escapade Twilight
    Escapade Vivid
    Extend Breeze
    Fischer Graphite
    Fischer Lagoon
    Fischer Sunset
    Flagship Pecan
    Flagship Persimmon
    Flagship Salt
    Flagship Stone
    Flagship Vellum
    Foster Metallic
    Foster Surfside
    Frequency Ash
    Frequency Parchment
    Frequency Parchment
    Frequency Sand
    Fretwork Cameo
    Fretwork Flax
    Fretwork Mist
    Fretwork Pewter
    Gateway Blush
    Gateway Mist
    Gavin Mist
    Hampton Indigo
    Harwood Crimson
    Heritage Alpaca
    Heritage Ashe
    Heritage Ashe
    Heritage Char
    Heritage Char
    Heritage Denim
    Heritage Garnet
    Heritage Granite
    Heritage Leaf
    Heritage Mink
    Heritage Moss
    Heritage Papyrus
    Heritage Pumpkin
    Heritage Wheat
    Hifi Glow
    Hoopla Cocoa
    Houndstooth Ivory
    Houndstooth Spark
    Houndstooth Wren
    Hybrid Citrus
    Hybrid Lime
    Hybrid Sky
    Hybrid Smoke
    Icon Mystique
    Icon Pop
    Integrated Dune
    Integrated Indigo
    Integrated Pewter
    Integrated Steel
    Lanai Lagoon
    Lido Indigo
    Linen Antique Beige
    Linen Canvas
    Linen Champagne
    Linen Chili
    Linen Natural
    Linen Pampas
    Linen Sesame
    Linen Silver
    Linen Stone
    Linen Straw
    Linen Taupe
    Loft Char
    Loft Crimson
    Loft Dune
    Loft Flax
    Loft Grape
    Loft Grey
    Loft Indigo
    Loft Pebble
    Loft Turquoise
    Loft White
    Loft Wisteria
    Luxe Indigo
    Mainstreet Latte
    Mainstreet Wren
    Maritime Nautical
    Mason Forest Green
    Maxim Heather Beige
    Meander Lilac
    Meander Pebble
    Meander Shamrock
    Meander Wren
    Meridian Air
    Meridian Cameo
    Meridian Charcoal
    Meridian Coco
    Meridian Flax
    Meridian Grain
    Meridian Meadow
    Meridian Mist
    Meridian Pewter
    Meridian Rose
    Meridian Twilight
    Meridian Wisteria
    Meridian Wren
    Milano Char
    Milano Cobalt
    Milano Dawn
    Milano Flax
    Mode Lakeside
    Mode Seaside
    Paris Blush
    Paris Lavender
    Paris Mist
    Paris Raffia
    Passage Poppy
    Peyton Granite
    Pioneer Sunrise
    Posh Ash
    Posh Charcoal
    Posh Dove
    Posh Lime
    Posh Oat
    Posh Parchment
    Posh Salt
    Posh Shitake
    Radiant Dune
    Radiant Kiwi
    Radiant Lagoon
    Radiant Sangria
    Radiant Silver
    Radiant Slate
    Reel Parchment
    Reel Slate
    Reflex Classic
    Reflex Emerald
    Reflex Flame
    Reflex II Citron
    Reflex Regatta
    Regency Sand
    Rialto Ash
    Rialto Mist
    Rialto Moss
    Rib Natural
    Rib Taupe Antique Beige
    Rochelle Bleu
    Rochelle Parchment
    Rochelle Pebble
    Rochelle Slate
    Rochelle Spice
    Rochelle Toffee
    Rochelle White
    Sailcloth Sahara
    Sailcloth Sailor
    Sailcloth Salt
    Sailcloth Sand
    Sailcloth Seagull
    Sailcloth Shade
    Sailcloth Shadow
    Sailcloth Shell
    Sailcloth Shore
    Sailcloth Sienna
    Sailcloth Sisal
    Sailcloth Space
    Sailcloth Spice
    Sailcloth Suntan
    Savvy Indigo
    Savvy Onyx
    Savvy Sangria
    Scope Cape
    Scope Foliage
    Scope Vintage
    Scout Clay
    Seville Seaside
    Shadow Charcoal
    Shadow Sand
    Shadow Snow
    Shore Citron
    Shore Classic
    Shore Emerald
    Shore Flame
    Shore Regatta
    Solana Seagull
    Solano Fiesta
    Spectrum Almond
    Spectrum Carbon
    Spectrum Caribou
    Spectrum Cayenne
    Spectrum Cilantro
    Spectrum Coffee
    Spectrum Crimson
    Spectrum Crimson
    Spectrum Daffodil
    Spectrum Denim
    Spectrum Dove
    Spectrum Eggshell
    Spectrum Graphite
    Spectrum Grenadine
    Spectrum Indigo
    Spectrum Indigo
    Spectrum Kiwi
    Spectrum Mist
    Spectrum Mushroom
    Spectrum Peacock
    Spectrum Peacock
    Spectrum Sand
    Spectrum Sesame
    Spectrum Sierra
    Spotlight Ash
    Spotlight Azure
    Spotlight Citron
    Spotlight Dune
    Spotlight Emerald
    Spotlight Flame
    Spotlight Galaxy
    Spotlight Indigo
    Spotlight Lagoon
    Spotlight Pebble
    Spotlight Rose
    Spotlight Wisteria
    Stanton Brownstone
    Stanton Greystone
    Stanton Lagoon
    Tailored Cherry
    Tailored Coal
    Tailored Fog
    Tailored Indigo
    Tailored Lagoon
    Tailored Mink
    Tailored Putty
    Tailored Smoke
    Tailored Snow
    Tailored Taupe
    Tailored Wisteria
    Tailored Wren
    Token Caribbean
    Token Surfside
    Traveler Lakeside
    Trax Cloud
    Tropics Jungle
    Viento Mercury
    Viento Nautical
    Viento Paprika
    Violetta Baltic
    Volt Berry
    Volt Cherry
    Volt Emerald
    Volt Fuschia
    Volt Galaxy
    Volt Glow
    Volt Sand
    Volt Sequoia
    Volt Silver
    Volt Spark
    Volt Sulfur
    Zara Moroccan

    Sunbrella RAIN Fabrics

    Brannon Redwood Rain
    Canvas Antique Beige Rain
    Canvas Black Rain
    Canvas Brick Rain
    Canvas Canvas Rain
    Canvas Coal Rain
    Canvas Cocoa Rain
    Canvas Fern Rain
    Canvas Ginkgo Rain
    Canvas Granite Rain
    Canvas Heather Beige Rain
    Canvas Henna Rain
    Canvas Jockey Red Rain
    Canvas Navy Rain
    Canvas Spa Rain
    Canvas Taupe Rain
    Canvas Teak Rain
    Dupione Bamboo Rain
    Dupione Celeste Rain
    Dupione Galaxy Rain
    Dupione Latte Rain
    Dupione Sand Rain
    Foster Surfside Rain
    Linen Champagne Rain
    Linen Sesame Rain
    Linen Straw Rain
    Sailcloth Sahara Rain
    Sailcloth Salt Rain
    Spectrum Cayenne Rain
    Spectrum Cilantro Rain
    Spectrum Dove Rain
    Spectrum Mushroom Rain